A year in the doing

I really wanted to start this post with “well…” – but I thought that would be a little to predictable. But that’s what things feel like. 1 year has passed since I blogged anything of note – and my how time goes by! Last time I shouted into the interweb void I was busy trying to learn AS3, attempting to document my poster collection, building coffee tables, and reflecting on my interactions with the world. So what happened? Why the long absence? Well, nothing really – I haven’t been absent per se, more occupied.

A new house

The biggest thing to happen to any spare time I had in the last 12 months was the quest to find a decent property to buy in Sydney. Not that hard, you might think – but when you are parting with a lot of money – all of a sudden even the least fussy of us become quite particular in our purchase. But after 2 years of looking, we have found our new home, and as of January this year we left the old days of 16th floor city living for a modest 2 bedroom terrace house in the inner west.


When I wasn’t inspecting homes, attending auctions, or trudging around in the wet I was busy with my daily at Redant in Surry Hills. In the last 12 months we’ve worked on some really interesting projects that included very challenging flash, mind and scope bending MVT, quite a good dose of wireframing, rounded out with a healthy dollop of deadlines, deadlines, deadlines :)


As with previous years, I also spent a bit of my spare time teaching Web Media at UTS. I think there is no greater challenge than having to know something well enough to teach someone else. As far as teaching AS2 vs AS3 is concerned – I still have a way to go, but im getting there.


My step father had a stroke around this time last year. That was a big blow. He’s recoverring now, but the experience – while at times uplifting – was not something I ever really want to go through again. It’s a credit to mum’s strong will that she’s coped so well so far.

Anyway, as you can see, a full year. But i’ve been around, lurking here and there, doing this and that. And while this blog may be due some much needed attention, my life and yours hasn’t been sedentry.

I’m in the process now of finalising a new theme – which has gone a long way to getting me back in the game. I finally converted my old travel posts to WP gallerys (instead of the ancient but awesome Exhibit plugin), and soon – very soon (I promise) things should start to pick up from where they left off.

That is all.

  • http://buffered.io/ OJ

    Welcome back to Blogland Danny. You have been missed :)

  • http://buffered.io/ OJ

    Love the new theme. Love the rolling up and whatnot too. I wish I had more time to play with this kind of stuff ;)

  • dan

    Thanks mate – still got a few things I’m not happy with, but the main chunk of it is done. For example “Posted 8 hours from now” … :|

  • dan

    Just updated the homepage to render out the [gallery] shortchode from within the template tag. That way the homepage has a bit more colour, and isnt just “words”