A year in the doing

I really wanted to start this post with “well…” – but I thought that would be a little to predictable. But that’s what things feel like. 1 year has passed since I blogged anything of note – and my how time goes by! Last time I shouted into the interweb void I was busy trying to learn AS3, attempting to document my poster collection, building coffee tables, and reflecting on my interactions with the world. So what happened? Why the long absence? Well, nothing really – I haven’t been absent per se, more occupied.
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Wedding Day Gallery

OK, so I’ve been a little slack of late (try the last 6 months!!) posting anything not related to my personal life… and indeed it’s something i’ll try and remedy, but in the mean time, here’s a link to some photos of my big day (can you believe it’s nearly 6 weeks ago?!). This is by no means a complete set of photos, and if anyone out there has more and would like to share them with me, please drop me a line.

October 6, 2007. Daniel & Ailin’s Wedding Day

Footnote, For those interested in the technology, I’ve used the awesomely simple Simple Viewer to handle the preview – I would have made my own, but time is a premium at the moment. If you plan on using it yourself, the only thing to remember is to not have too many photos in the one gallery. At least in the free version it will try and load them all up into memory.

That is all.

Dodgy QTVR from Coffs Harbour

Here’s the QTVR that I wanted to share yesterday. Nothing fancy, just a shot from outside the main reception area at the resort. should have done more of them!!! Enjoy!

[qt:/blog/mov/pano.mov 400 316]

OJ’s wedding

Wow! Need I say anymore?

What a wonderful weekend, the weather was next to perfect (albeit at times possibly too hot), the setting was STUNNING, and the wedding and reception were rock solid! Amy looked spectacular, and Oliver couldn’t hold back on the emotion of the day.

We had a terrific time which panned out as such :

  1. Thursday: arrive, breakfast, meet and greet, drinks, pool, drinks, reception decoration, drinks, dinner, drinks
  2. Friday: breakfast, pool, nanna nap, drinks, pool, get ready, the wedding, the reception, the speeches
  3. Saturday: breakfast, pool, drinks, BBQ, backyard cricket, drinks, more cricket, more drinks, football
  4. Sunday: breakfast, checkout, pool, drinks, pool, pool, pool, and i’m spent!

Along the way met OJ’s friends from the UK, Amy’s delightful family, loads of lizards, a family of ducks and old friends from school. But the quote that I think I will remember this wedding by is “Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!” (PS, I have a cool QTVR of the resort to upload – but server is complaining, so ill try tomorrow).

We’re off to Coffs Harbour!

And so the end of year journey’s begin. First cab off the rank, sunny Coffs Harbour, for OJ‘s wedding. Here’s a shiny Google Map for anyone who is interested:

[gmap name='coffs' width='400' height='300' lat='-30.271623' lng='153.142022' zoom='15' desc='11 Firman Dr,
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450,

I’ll probably post piccies once I get back. You will wish you were there!

I think Sydney FC had the flu too!

How come every time we go to the football it’s the coldest day on record?!

Went to see Sydney FC take on Melbourne Victory, and although I was a little flat with the flu, even I could have stopped the second goal by Archie!!! Anyway, great night had by all – including the birds, who were feasting on moth and ego alike.

And Matteo thought us aussies didn’t know joga bonito :) hehehe.

This is what I feel like

I hate the flu!

I hate the flu.

Bronte to Bondi – just a few more freckles…

Well, it’s that time again. You know what im talking about, don’t pretend like you don’t! The sun is out, the days are getting warmer, and the red heads are vanishing faster than you can say “sizzling sunburn batman!”

Well I for one won’t stand it! And so, here are a few photos for you to drool over, as I soak up Australia’s best on a long weekend that came just in time!